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Everett seeks workable solutions for pot outlet

Everett seeks workable solutions for pot outlet

Published: Saturday, December 6, 2014, 12:01 a.m.

By Chris Winters, Herald Writer


EVERETT — Two months after the Everett City Council renewed an interim ordinance that regulates recreational marijuana businesses, the city has come under pressure to change or overturn it.
Neighbors opposed to a new retail shop on Rucker Avenue have appealed to the City Council, and on Nov. 26, council member Ron Gipson proposed an emergency action to essentially halt all marijuana retail sales in the city.
That proposal was voted down out of concern for possible legal action, but all the council members expressed a desire to address the situation on Rucker in a manner that would be fair to residents — and legal.
“It’s no secret that the citizens voted this in,” Gipson said, referring to Initiative 502, which legalized marijuana businesses. “It’s now up to us to craft an ordinance that will be workable.”

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