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East Coast Media Is Grounded From Writing About Weed

East Coast Media Is Grounded From Writing About Weed

Lester Black | Jan 11, 2019

Marijuana is an addictive gateway drug that worsens the opioid epidemic, is medically proven to drive people insane, is nearly as bad for society as prescription painkillers, and increases violent crime where it is legalized.

That’s the story on pot if you read a whole slew of East Coast media outlets this week. From the New Yorker to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal to Mother Jones, the country’s top news outlets have been running stories with headlines that paint a dire and depressing picture of cannabis. It’s been a media spectacle fit for a groundbreaking medical study, but there’s actually no new science behind these claims, only an author trying to make a buck off a new book and an uncritical media environment that is hungry for someone to make an argument against legalization.

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