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Bonfires of moldy pot

Bonfires of moldy pot

Damian Mann | Nov 14, 2016

Huge piles of moldy marijuana in Southern Oregon are going up in smoke this fall after record rains in October took a toll on many crops.

“At first I was freaking out about how much we are losing,” said Brent Kenyon, a cannabis activist who helped craft the state’s rules on pot. “But I’ve heard a lot of really sad stories from people who lost a majority of their crops.”

Kenyon estimates about 20 percent or more of his crop will be burned at his farm near White City.

Overall, this will be a tough year for growers, who faced an onslaught of russet mites in the summer and then mold in the fall, Kenyon said. The mold destroys the marijuana flowers and spreads quickly, particularly after heavy rains.


Bonfires of moldy pot

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