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The Waits Are Too Damned Long.

The Waits Are Too Damned Long.

December 10th, 2014 WM. WILLARD GREENE


I’ve been covering this beat for a year now, and it’s astonishing how far Portland’s dispensaries have come in just that time. Like a blooming jug of kombucha, the city’s medical marijuana shop fronts are developing a heady stew of business sense. That’s encouraging!

The stores are clean and well-designed, given tasteful, naturalistic names and stocked with a broad swath of medicinals to combat a host of maladies. So much to be glad for!

But there’s one thing not to be glad for, and that’s how long it takes to get your weed.

I realize this city is stacked with starry-eyed ingenues who just want to ride the wave of life, and efficiently handing me the strain of weed I asked for isn’t their top priority in life, but I’d really like my stops for refills to last less than 30 minutes.

I get it. Everyone involved in the transaction is probably at least a little stoned, a state of mind not especially conducive to efficient action. There’s an excited urge to discuss the product itself, including a panoply of effects for each strain, a unique and general air of mystery about new strains, and whether the new crop of Blackberry Kush is as good as the last.

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