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Medical pot users, stores upset by Tacoma’s ‘curve ball’

Medical pot users, stores upset by Tacoma’s ‘curve ball’

Staff writerDecember 3, 2014


The day after the Tacoma City Council told staff to get ready to close down unlicensed pot shops, medical marijuana customers and store owners expressed frustration about what they see as an about-face.

Vietnam veteran Dennis Ragan said he turned to marijuana to help his post-traumatic stress disorder and severe back pain. He doesn’t think he can get the same products at a recreational marijuana shop that is licensed by the state under Initiative 502.

“I don’t take drugs because it goofs me up,” he said while standing in the lobby of the Cannabis Club Collective on Sixth Avenue where he purchased marijuana-infused juice and edibles. “It helps me every day medically.”

Even though some medical marijuana patients have turned to dispensaries for years to ease health problems, the stores remain untouched by the state regulatory system that governs the city’s five recreational pot stores. In the city’s view, the unlicensed shops are operating illegally.

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