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Pot shops hard-pressed to match black market prices

Pot shops hard-pressed to match black market prices


By Mike Faulk / Yakima Herald-Republic

Adam Markus says he never planned on getting rich when he applied to open a marijuana retail store in Union Gap. And despite bringing in more than $440,000 in sales since July, operating expenses are keeping Station 420 in the red financially.

“We have yet to make a profit here,” Markus said. “And there are a lot of other people who got into this just thinking they were going to be millionaires in a year, and now they’re having a hard time.”

This despite the fact that sales have picked up statewide ever since the first stores opened this summer — the $15.6 million in sales statewide in the month of November was more than double from August — and business owners say prices have come down by as much as half since July as supply increases.

Part of the problem for retailers is that prices of legal pot are roughly double those on the black market. Markus said he sells a gram for $30 on average, or more than $800 an ounce.

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