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New Frontiers in Medicine: Cooking With Weed

New Frontiers in Medicine: Cooking With Weed

How edible cannabis is helping with pain relief and symptom management.

By Kristine Crane Oct. 1, 2014 |

At the Takoma Wellness Center in the District of Columbia, an unusual cooking demonstration took place Tuesday morning. Chef Joey Galliano prepared his mother’s “Kushie Tomato Soup” using ingredients you might expect: San Marzano canned tomatoes, onion, heavy cream, garlic and saffron. But the secret to the sauce? Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana.

Unlike the pot brownies of yesteryear – when weed was literally thrown into the batter – the tomato soup, and other foods featured at Tuesday’s demo (including caramel apples, pesto and butter), had undergone a process of decarboxylation to extract the high-giving ingredient called tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. Magical Butter, the Florida-based company that put on the demo, invented the crockpot where cannabis is turned into various sauces, butters, alcoholic drinks and even lotions.

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