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How Drug Companies Try To Block Legalized Marijuana

How Drug Companies Try To Block Legalized Marijuana

October 7, 2014
by MMJ Publisher

Source: / 10-5-14

An August 2014 article published on exposed leading anti-marijuana academics and experts as having received payment from “painkiller drug companies” to serve as advisers on various panels. The article delves into the multi-billion dollar industry and how legalized marijuana poses a threat to their revenues. Whether or not marijuana has harmful side-effects is often a heated and ongoing debate. (1)
Most people are aware of families who uprooted their households to move to Colorado as soon as the state legalized marijuana in 2012, along with one other state in the US – Washington. For many families with members who qualify for medicinal use of marijuana, the news was a godsend. These people uprooted their families and made the move. (2)

The use of marijuana for pain relief is the driving force of the latest tactics used by pain relief drug manufacturers as a way to prevent further loss of revenue, according to Lee Fang’s expose on Vice. (3)

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