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Getting High On Energy Costs

Getting High On Energy Costs

By Stacey Jenkins Thursday, October 2, 2014

How will indoor Marijuana plants impact energy demands in our region? What is the cost to the growers?
Seattle, Washington – New Leaf Enterprises is a northwest cannabis growing operation. Marijuana plants are grown in a warehouse under bright lights. Seedlings spend 5-7 weeks in the “grow” room under fluorescent lights, then are moved to the “flower room,” where they create flowering buds under high-pressure sodium lights.

Marijuana plants growing under 1000 watt high-pressure sodium lights. These lights help yield a higher quality product, but require a lot of energy.

Boris Gordinitsky is co-founder of New Leaf Enterprises. Gordinitsky says indoor growing allows more control over the plants and yields a higher quality product. The biggest cost, he says, are the lights.

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