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WEED WEDNESDAY: Spokane testing sewage for THC? Not so much

WEED WEDNESDAY: Spokane testing sewage for THC? Not so much

Posted By Heidi Groover on Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 2:20 PM

Slowly but surely, Washington. The state has now licensed 235 growers (up just two from last week) and 61 stores (four more than last week). Seattle’s second store has finally opened and you can find Spokane’s stores on a map here. Statewide sales as of Monday totaled $18.75 million, generating almost $4.7 million in state taxes.

Here in Spokane, there’s been talk about the city government testing sewage for THC levels to see if more people are getting high now that it’s legal (see this SR story and this KXLY piece and this one from KREM). I know. It makes a great headline, right? But here’s the thing: No one is actually talking about doing this in Spokane. In a city council committee meeting last week where city and state leaders talked about good ways to measure the effects of marijuana legalization, I-502 author Alison Holcomb mentioned the tactic as a way to test usage levels because there are university researchers doing it on the westside (we told you about this back in July). “What an awesome new use for our sewage,” Councilman Jon Snyder said in response, cracking a smile.

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