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Two more pot stores scheduled to open in Seattle

Two more pot stores scheduled to open in Seattle

September 26, 2014 Posted by Evan Bush

Correction: An original copy of this blog contained an incorrect address for Ocean Greens.

Two more state-licensed marijuana stores are scheduled to open soon in Seattle, but their launches could be muted by supply issues that continue to dog the local retail marijuana industry.

The owner of Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, Ian Eisenberg, said his company will start serving customers next week at 23rd and Union. Meanwhile, Oltion Hyseni, the owner of Ocean Greens said his company is preparing for a grand opening on Oct. 18. Because applicants cannot use the state’s marijuana tracking software before they’re licensed, both businesses plan earlier soft launches to test-drive tracking software and serve customers as they train employees.

Statewide, the Liquor Control Board (LCB) had issued 60 retail licenses by Wednesday, said spokesman Mikhail Carpenter in an email. Five more stores will be licensed pending payment and 16 more applicants are awaiting final inspection.

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