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A 3D Printed, Wifi Enabled Medical Marijuana Inhaler

A 3D Printed, Wifi Enabled Medical Marijuana Inhaler

Jennifer Hicks Contributor

The world of 3D printing shows no signs of stopping. From 3D printed guns and medical implants to food and shoes, it seems that just about anything can be 3D printed.

An Israeli company, Syqe Medical, thinks it has a way to make medical marijuana more accepted with the help of 3D printing. The company has printed a pocket-sized metered dose cannabis inhaler they hope will help move the bar forward in medical inhalers and help physicians overcome the unpredictability of prescribing cannabis.

The inhaler is the first drug delivery platform of its kind. Not only is it 3D printed, but it’s Wifi enabled and can be connected to a smart phone or tablet.

The connected device aspect of the inhaler adds another layer to the challenge of monitoring dosages of medical marijuana giving both patients and doctors the ability in real time to monitor and administer the correct dosage. Researchers will also be able to see the data to determine best dosages for different conditions.

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