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‘Potpreneurs’ Battle for Venture Capital in New Reality Show

‘Potpreneurs’ Battle for Venture Capital in New Reality Show


A new reality show will follow six entrepreneurs while they try to score the cash they need to build a successful legal marijuana business in Denver.

There are businesses built on marijuana-laced soft drinks, marijuana-based iPhone apps, and even marijuana-laced sexual lubricant. So naturally, there’s gotta be a marijuana reality TV show, right?

Enter The Marijuana Show–a reality Web series based in Denver, Colorado, that will follow six entrepreneurs, or rather “potpreneurs,” as they audition, perfect their elevator pitches, tweak their business models with experts, compete to land venture capital from investors, and then grow their business. The creators call the show a mix between Shark Tank and The Apprentice, except it’s solely focused on the nascent cannabis industry.

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