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Senior Cannabis Crusader at Rotary Club: A Day’s Work

Senior Cannabis Crusader at Rotary Club: A Day’s Work

By Tom Moroney Sep 11, 2014 9:01 PM PT

The 2008 recession and its fickle recovery left deep doubts about whether America still offers that one irresistible bargain: Work hard and you will have a better life. If some polls and pundits have declared the American Dream dead, there are those in occupations old and new, fading and emerging, who defy the numbers. They strive, as Thoreau once advised, to live the life they’ve imagined. This column will tell their stories.

Sue Taylor stands before her Rotary Club audience in her “principal’s suit” — matching black blazer and pants, heels, pearls and a pocketbook holding a secret.

At 67, Taylor has made a giant leap. The retired principal of two Catholic schools today calls herself America’s only full-time senior cannabis advocate. She’s paid $4,500 a month to tell Grandma and Grandpa and those closest to them that marijuana — in joints, cookies, just about any form imaginable — can ease pain and promote sleep and appetite.

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