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This Is What Really Goes Down At A ‘Weed Wedding’

This Is What Really Goes Down At A ‘Weed Wedding’

The Huffington Post | By Rebecca Adams
Posted: 09/08/2014


Thinking of throwing a weed-ing? You’re not alone. Recent trend pieces on the matter (like this one and this one) are bringing this nuptial practice to the forefront. But is it all cannabis bouquets and “special” wedding cakes?

Not quite. In Colorado, where marijuana has been legal since 2012, weed has been slow to become an integral part of the Rocky Mountain State’s weddings.

“I want to be honest: There aren’t giant weed weddings happening out here,” Jane West, founder of Edible Events Co. in Colorado, told The Huffington Post “It’s not like people are getting married and taking big hits from the bong while the pastor’s standing there.”

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