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How Big Pharma Is Sandbagging Marijuana

How Big Pharma Is Sandbagging Marijuana

WED SEP 03, 2014

As more Americans express interest in the healing potential of medical marijuana, the boardroom brass of Big Pharma has become noticeably concerned about how these changing opinions might affect their bottom line.

It is for this reason the pharmaceutical companies have found it in their best interest to keep lawmakers, as well as the pill-popping public, at bay regarding the truth about cannabis by paying hefty salaries to members of academia to perpetuate modern day Reefer Madness.

Dr. Herbert Kleber, psychiatrist and drug abuse researcher with Columbia University, recently went on record to advise against using marijuana because of the potential for addiction and other health risks. It is, “A bad idea. I don’t think we know what we’re getting into,” he told NPR. However, while protesting against the idea of legal marijuana, Dr. Kleber failed to mention that he was a paid consultant for several leading pharmaceutical companies, including Purdue Pharma, who manufactures the addictive painkillers Dilaudid and OxyContin, and Alkermes, who produces the newly FDA approved heroin pill — Zohydro.

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