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MJNN Exclusive: Bush’s Drug War at 25

MJNN Exclusive: Bush’s Drug War at 25

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 BY MJ NEWS NETWORK, Bailey Hirschburg

“Good evening. This is the first time since taking the oath of office that I felt an issue was so important, so threatening, that it warranted talking directly with you, the American people.”

With that, President George H.W. Bush began his national address on the drug war, and intensified a war with millions arrested or incarcerated, staggering costs, police militarization, refugee immigration, coerced treatment, and children as innocent bystanders to social engineering schemes.

George Bush did not intend all this. He didn’t create the Drug War. But on September 5th, 1989, he gave the most consequential speech on drug policy by a U.S. president in the last quarter century.

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