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What the Mainstreaming of Marijuana Means to Marketers

What the Mainstreaming of Marijuana Means to Marketers

To the people I knew growing up, smoking pot was as much about rebellion as it was about the high. Some people – the good students and athletes with a wild side – got a rush by hiding it from the clean-cut jocks and bookworms. Others flaunted it – with their Grateful Dead tie-dyes and hemp bracelets – showing off their non-conformist style.

All of that seems to be changing, and changing fast. Sometime between my first kid being born and planning my fast-approaching 40th birthday party, I looked up and noticed that 23 states had legalized marijuana for medical use, 2 legalized it for recreation, and more seem to be considering it. Even the New York Times is endorsing it. Wait, what?

Is it possible that pot has become conventional? I have to know. So, our data scientists looked at polling data we collected at CivicScience to see what we could find.

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