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Frequently Asked Questions About I-502 Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions About I-502 Advertising

Disclaimer: There are restrictions in both law and rule that restrict certain marijuana-related advertising. This FAQ is intended to provide licensees with general guidance in regards to advertising. You may need to contact legal representation if you need further assistance.

Advertising Rules
WAC 314-55-155: Advertising
Advertising by retail licensees. The board limits each retail licensed premises to one sign identifying the retail outlet by the licensee’s business name or trade name that is affixed or hanging in the windows or on the outside of the premises that is visible to the general public from the public right of way. The size of the sign is limited to 1,600 square inches.

General. All marijuana advertising and labels of useable marijuana and marijuana-infused products sold in the state of Washington may not contain any statement, or illustration that:

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