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Cannabis-infused fizzy drinks on sale in US

Cannabis-infused fizzy drinks on sale in US

The ‘ridiculously relaxing’ drinks come with 10mg of marijuana in cherry, lemon or pomegranate flavour

By Raf Sanchez, Washington3:56PM BST 26 Aug 2014

A cannabis-infused fizzy drink is now on sale in the state of Washington as part of the ever-expanding US market for legal pot products.
Less than two months after recreational cannabis became legal in the west coast state, Washingtonians can now get their highs out of a soda bottle.
The drinks, called Legal, come in cherry, lemon and pomegranate flavours but are all infused with 10mg of liquid cannabis. The drinks cost around $10 (£6).
They are being marketed as a gentler alternative to smoking that could be attractive to those still wary about cannabis.

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