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Teens aren’t rats; tell them truth about pot

Teens aren’t rats; tell them truth about pot

By Sabrina Fendrick POSTED: 08/23/2014 05:01:00 PM MDT

Re:”‘Lab Rat’ teen pot campaign is a worthy effort,” Aug. 12 editorial.

The Denver Post’s endorsement of Colorado’s latest teen anti-pot campaign, though well-intentioned, fails to recognize that the tactics employed by the state — including putting human-sized rat cages as large props on street corners and running “shock and awe”-type TV ads — will do nothing to discourage teen use.

Yes, teens should absolutely be made aware of the potential risks that cannabis consumption can have on their developing bodies. However, like The Post’s editorial board points out, “kids don’t react well to over-the-top drug messages.” Comparing Colorado teens to rodents in a science experiment is disingenuous and will do nothing to encourage kids to stay away from pot.

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