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No Matter How You Look At It, The Facts On Pot, Alcohol, And Tobacco Just Don’t Add Up

No Matter How You Look At It, The Facts On Pot, Alcohol, And Tobacco Just Don’t Add Up

He knows he’s probably going to get attacked for saying this, but someone has to get real about drugs in America.

This straight-up truth is provided courtesy of Dr. Aaron Carroll and his excellent YouTube series, Healthcare Triage. Here he is on Twitter, and here he is on “The Colbert Report.” For more Healthcare Triage goodness, have a look at these. Thumbnail image uploaded to Flickr by user Rachel Elaine, used under a Creative Commons license.

Dr. Aaron Carroll: It’s April 20th, the 20th of April. It’s 4/20 or as some like to call it, Weed Day. I guess we’re doing this, this is healthcare triage. To be honest, this is an episode I thought about bailing on many times, there’s just no way to talk about marijuana without somebody completely misinterpreting what I say, some of you are going to call me a fascist, for saying anything bad about pot at all, others are going to attack me for not coming down on it hard enough. So I’m going to cloak myself, as I always do, in the power of data. Marijuana works by affecting the brain. It’s a drug, like many others with different effects on different people. The active ingredient is called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC bonds to protein-specific receptors in the brain to produce a number of results. It can have a mild sedative effect and it can also lower your inhibitions. Marijuana can increase your pulse, lower your blood pressure, and increase your appetite. It can also interfere with short-term memory, lower your reaction time, and make you unsteady on your feet. But so can lots of other things that we like to eat, drink, or smoke.

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